Building Things: A Method to Life Coach Yourself

  • Research. Who else has done something similar? Find giants on whose shoulders you can stand. It’s efficient and inspirational, not lazy.
  • Ask for help. Woodworking is not my forte by a long shot. I asked for guidance from an expert friend. You better believe I’ve been asking for help as I start my business.
  • Not everything has an immediate payoff. The finished product and installation took longer than I thought, and required seemingly “dead end” information gathering trips to lumber yards. Dead ends? Or necessary learning steps? Be ok with productively “wasting time” (Netflix benders don’t count 😉). As long as you’re somewhat headed towards the goal, be inexorable and take setbacks in stride.
  • Risk. Turns out the wall I needed to drill into is solid concrete. The danger of drilling into electrical conduits and incurring untold costly damage to my apartment felt very real. Ultimately that fear was unfounded. Identify the level of risk you’re willing to take, familiarize yourself with that boundary and tread the line.

Life coach yourself and ask the following:

  • What problems do you want to solve?
  • Why are those problems important to you personally?
  • What could you build?



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